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MCX International Inc. is a wholly owned and operated corporation in the Philippines that caters to the local domestic market. The Company, established in 1996, is known in the industry as both an assembler, manufacturer, and trader of high-quality products that include agricultural and industrial machineries, motorcycles and vehicles among others. In our request to become the supplier of choice, MCX International Inc. strives to bring the most reliable high-quality products “from Toothpick to Missile”, at competitive prices. And to the best serve our customers, both from the Government and the Private Sector, the Company has since diversified and expanded its product lines that includes, but not limited to, among others:

Motorcycles And Tricycles

Light and Heavy Trucks 


Power Lifters


Agricultural Machineries and Equipment 

Educational Materials and Tools

Health and Medical Tools and Equipment

Offering the best value for money and quality service, we have partnered with quality and proven local and foreign suppliers who support us in achieving our goals of being the supplier of choice. The Company is comprised of dedicated men and women from the country’s different and of different skills and talent to make sure we achieve our goals and targets.


We also have a team of specialist to guarantee unparalleled value-added service and technical expertise to make sure we run the best in the market. Customers are assured of the best training and after-sales services.


Conference Room

Our Values

​at MCX, we value Performance. Out desire to deliver quality products and services are driven by our commitment to our customers to give highest standards possible.

Our core values are what makes us MCX:


We will continuously learn to build expertise. To develop technical competence in our chosen field.


We are excited always to work and to communicate. We are willing to share our thoughts and energy for our common good.


We take action based on intellegent analysis of the situation. We ensure that we are consistently doing the things while making happen.


We say and honor our commitments. We act on what we promise.


We accept the challenges before us. We respond accordingly; we pursue and endure. We do not easily give up. We bounce back when we fall.


We are confident of ourselves. We can withstand heat and pressure. 

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